About the Author

Internet user since 1994, Boris Perchat has been passionate about the web and the Internet from then on. He decided to learn how to create websites on his own and designed his first website in 1995. He has worked as a freelance web designer for several years. Later on, he turned to blogging and radio to share his thoughts on the Internet, and got interested in sustainable development.

He is involved, since 2007, in changing the fate of used CDs and DVDs in order for them not to be thrown away in the trash, but to find a way to be reused. As a consumer, he launched a project called “1 million de DVD pour la planète” (“1 million DVDs for the planet”), now offline, which allowed many people to spare thousands of used CDs and DVDs from the trash. As an entrepreneur, he also launched, from 2016 to 2018, a trial valorization network for used CDs and DVDs with a view to recycle, reuse and repurpose them, and to initiate studies on this matter in Orléans and Paris.

Since November 2018, during his free time, he gives lectures about plastic pollution in order to raise awareness among people and companies, and invite them to take action.

Boris Perchat lives in Orléans, in France.

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